woman acquired shocking leg infection from a hot tub

Woman Acquired Shocking Leg Infection from a Hot Tub


The severity of infection of hot tub rash comes into the focus after the incidence happened with the Indiana mom of 2, Mrs. Taylor Bryant. She ended with the diagnosis of pseudomonas folliculitis — a common skin infection due to hot tub infection while on the family vacation at a hotel in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee on March 2019. Her leg was swollen and blistering, and a rash is creeping ever higher up. Her skin turned black and falling off. She became nauseous after using a hot tub. Due to leg swelling the pain became so unbearable that it was difficult to walk a day.

Hot tub rash is a type of folliculitis a skin condition in which hair follicles become inflamed and resulted in bacterial and fungal infection. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in most of the cases of the hot tub rash, the infection and complications are not severe and clear up on their own without treatment. However, there are possibilities of spread of disease part of the follicle and may lead to the conditions i.e., permanent skin damage, abscesses, which includes scarring or dark spots.

It may also develop a life-threatening complication in some cases such as fever and chills and can even progress to sepsis. The hot tub rash occurs when a person’s skin comes into contact with contaminated waters, such as a poorly maintained hot tub or spa, for an extended period. It can also occur from a contaminated swimming pool or lake. Also, checking of pH level and disinfectant level at least twice a day also works as preventive care to avoid hot tub rash. The CDC recommends the following levels of chlorine and pH to avoid hot tub rash.