wikipedia co-founder launches anti-facebook plus ad-free social media platform

Wikipedia Co-Founder Launches Anti-Facebook Plus Ad-Free Social Media Platform


When it comes to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, everyone knows they are addicted to these sites. Even though people are using these sites daily, they somehow get frustrated by seeing ads while surfing the news feed. Now to put a solution on that problem, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has decided to launch anti-Facebook and twitter websites, which will have no ads. The website’s main objective is not to show any ads that also prevent the selling of user’s data, which most social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter do at exponential rates.

The new social media platform is called WT-Social, which will not charge you for their services but will be working on user’s donations. Just like Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales is here trying to create more socially acceptable sites to beat Facebook and Twitter, which are now showing ads and selling users data for profit. WT: Social is free to join up, but your registration will not get approved until you donate some money. So it’s free but kind of need to pay some money as an entrance fee.

Jimmy Wales on twitter even stated the stat about sites user base in which he mentioned WT: Social crossed the 160000 members just within 48 hours of its official launch. Jimmy, in his blog post, said that instead of spending money to make sites algorithm to click on the ads, they would use it to provide a better user experience and hence, will be running solely on donations. Wales mentioned that advertising is the crucial platform of big companies like Facebook and Twitter because of which they are using private user data. Reports show that Wales was inspired to build WT: Social after witnessing big sites like Facebook and Twitter is using click bait and spreading misleading news.