There’s No Proof Medical Cannabis Treat Mental Health Conditions, Scientists Claim

There’s No Proof Medical Cannabis Treat Mental Health Conditions, Scientists Claim


A recent study has revealed millions of people are searching for CBD or cannabis on Google. But does the component really offer health benefits? A research shows there is no scientific proof that medical marijuana is beneficial for people struggling with mental health concerns. Australian researchers have analyzed 83 reviews, including 3,000 people, to reach the decision. They have discovered no evidence cannabinoids have soothed symptoms of six disorders. Notably, the component offers no benefits to people having health concerns like anxiety, Tourette syndrome, depression, ADHD, psychosis, or PTSD.

Thus they have concluded the use of medical cannabis for relieving mental health issues cannot be supported depending on the existing proof. The researchers have taken the step due to insufficient evidence. Notably, it is a review of evidence from researches carried out over the past four decades. The study, published in the journal Lancet Psychiatry, states that there remains a risk of outbalance of benefits. Prof. Louisa Degenhardt from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Center at UNSW Sydney is the leading author of the study. She said the results had a curial impact on countries that allow medicinal use of cannabis.

As per Prof. Louisa, there is a significant lack of high-grade proof to precisely analyze the safety and effectiveness of medicinal cannabis. So until evidence from comparative tests becomes available, they cannot draw clinical policies around cannabis use in mental health conditions. Among the 83 analyzed studies, 42 seemed at depression, eight considered Tourette syndrome, three looked at ADHD, 31 cited at anxiety, including 11 on psychosis and 12 on PTSD. The scientists have discovered that pharmaceutical THC had enhanced anxiety symptoms among people with other medical issues. They say this may have been a result of enhancements in the primary medical condition. The researchers also recommend further trials to scrutinize the impact of cannabinoids on depression and anxiety.

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