samsung to launch smartphone with udc technology

Samsung To Launch Smartphone With UDC Technology


Samsung is all geared up to unveil its new much-hyped smartphone with an under-display camera. Samsung calls it UDC technology. This technology functions by integrating transparent display over the punch hole. The company is planning to start product manufacturing in this month. Samsung will supposedly launch the phone in the early months of 2020. With UDC technology, Samsung will bring back the facial recognition feature because the sensors will be hidden under the display. There will be no need for a punch hole or pop up camera with this new feature.  South Korean company has been quite vocal about its new technology. Samsung marketing director Hassan Anjum announced the new venture back in 2018. UDC will not debut in Galaxy S11 or Fold 2. Manufacturers are planning to introduce the new technology in Galaxy Note 11.

Oppo has also revealed its plan for similar smartphones in the lines of new infinity display UDC panel, which can pose a major competition for Samsung. South Korean company is clearly facing a huge competition from Apple’s dual biometric iPhone plans and Google’s Pixel 4. The multinational company has faced a lot of criticism over huge security hole discovered in Galaxy S10 and Note 10 fingerprint sensors. In this situation, Samsung will have to accelerate its pace to retain its position in the market. Next year will be a quite deciding year for Samsung, as Apple’s next line of iPhone will also be radically reinvented.

Next year, Samsung is also going to launch it’s much talked about handset Galaxy S11 with a groundbreaking camera, upgraded design, supersized sensors, powerful processor, next-generation memory, and major performance advancements. Galaxy S11 will come with AI-focused image processing.  Fold 2 is also next in line to be launched in the first half of 2020. These two new phones have already created much curiosity among consumers. The company is hoping for a massive new year with such a great series of new phones to be unveiled.