reportedly, facebook is testing facial recognition technology for user identification

Reportedly, Facebook is Testing Facial Recognition Technology for User Identification


Tech giants keep on trying new-new concepts behind the stage. Somehow, Facebook has been privately experimenting with a new account verification system. Reportedly, the approach urges users to take a video selfie to authenticate themselves. The new feature, currently in the testing phase, recommends users to hold the phone’s front camera up at eye level. After that, it asks users to adjust their faces in a circular frame that appears on display. Then users have to record a video selfie following prompts that ask them to look in different directions. Notably, it asks users to face forward, then, to the right, followed by left, and again straight ahead.

As per a Facebook representative, the test is one of the steps they use, and the feature does not use facial recognition. Instead, it identifies motion and whether the video contains a face or not. Reportedly, Jane Manchun Wong, a code explorer and app researcher, has noted about a so-called face detection program. She said the feature is present in the Facebook app that would confirm the identity of the user. It will be little like other face-recognition systems, maybe like the FaceID of Apple. Still, it is unclear whether it would need an advanced sensor. Facebook has promised that the video will remain private, and nobody else will see it. Even more, the social network has assured that the video clip will be automatically wiped out after one month. Well, it does not seem as safe as Face ID because it does not relay the information and captures mathematical representations from the user’s face.

Until now, Facebook has not acknowledged publicly regarding the testing program, or its intentions to shift the feature more extensively. As per the company, the app will recommend a video selfie, in case they suspect a fake user. Whereas, Facebook’s spokesperson has categorized the approach as next-level captcha. For now, the social network is attempting to enhance its verification by the ID process through these new methods. Still, it remains a mystery whether people will feel free to share such type of personal information with the company.