Man Contracted Tuberculosis from Deer – CDC Issues Warning to Hunters


The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning to the Deer Hunter community after one man contracted Tuberculosis from the Deer. With the season of Deer Hunting is around the corner, the Center for Disease Control has issued the required notice. A Man from Oklahoma City contracted Tuberculosis after dressing a Deer. That’s why the CDC has issued a warning notice to all of the Deer Hunters. According to the reports shared by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, a man of 77-years contracted Tuberculosis. Even when he was not around anyone with Tuberculosis, he contracted the same.

Upon further investigation, it came to the light that the patient was hunting and field-dressed a few Deers in the hunting season. As the Deer was infected with TB, the patient contracted Pulmonary Tuberculosis. The free-range Deers in the area are often contracted with the Mycobacterium Bovis virus, which causes Pulmonary Tuberculosis in humans and animals. After this case, the officials checked if other free-range deers have contracted the same disease or not. After the investigation, they found a few deers that have the TB.

According to the official statement issued by the Center for Disease Control, the Deer Hunters are advised to use the Personal Protective equipment while field-dressing the Deer. Not just the Personal protective equipment, but the hunters are encouraged to get vaccination shots if not done correctly. This is the season of Deer hunting, and many of the hunters go out in the field and hunt the deers. After shooting, they field-dress the Deer, which means removing the intestinal organs. The Field-dressing prevents rapid heat loss and preserves the meat for a long time. But due to the same procedure, the Tuberculosis spreads to humans.