google voice, tasks and shazam develop dark themes on android 10

Google Voice, Tasks and Shazam develop dark themes on Android 10


A dark system mode one of the requested features on Android. Google, in conclusion, carried with first stable rollout of Google Android 10. With pushing the latest darker theme for the OS. The company rolled out separate dark mode toggles for several of its apps, including Google Files, Keep, Photos, Duo and many more. This has driven many developers to add on their Android app a dark theme, with Facebook’s jumping on the bandwagon. Now, Google Voice, Google Tasks, and Shazam are getting a dark theme toggle in the latest updates.

Google Tasks – the option of dark mode for Google Tasks appears in 1.7.266785605 version of the application. The latest theme setting looks towards the bottom of the 3-dot context menu inside app and gets the choice to choose between three options. Can use by default a dark or light theme or select option System default, and the app automatically picks up the system theme using Google Voice. By DroidLife reported, the dark mode is creating a way to Google Voice in version 2019.40.273569721 of the app. The option found towards the bottom of the app’s settings gets the choice to choose from 3 different options – dark, light and based on system settings.

Shazam – As per a report from Android Police, Shazam is latest to roll out a dark mode third-party app. The choice appears in version 10.1.1-191010 of the app, and it has the same three options the apps above. You can choose to manually a light look or pick a dark or can let the system default rule the look of the app. Though, it is worth noting that dark theme toggle on Shazam is available to users who do not have an Android 10 device. In that case, users get the choice to manually switch between light and dark themes or let it conversion created on the battery saver. If you have not received the option on phone, make sure update from the Play Store to the latest version of the app.