Dietician reveals the effects of eliminating these food groups from the diet

Dietician reveals the effects of eliminating these food groups from the diet


Susie Burrell, a Dietitian from Sydney, Australia, said if dairy, red meat, seafood, or poultry is not eliminated from the diet, there will be severe health effects on your health & these effects may vary from acne to brittle bones & also lack of immunity. Many people ditch cow’s milk & dairy in favor of oat, soy, almond, & other alternatives. If consuming cow’s milk is given up and also not consuming dairy foods does not only mean you reject your vital content of calcium but other essential nutrients such as phosphorous, protein, magnesium, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and vitamin A too. The lack of Vitamin B12 can lead to liver & kidney failure & also cause heart disease, and a lack of magnesium can cause osteoporosis.

Red meat, which is a rich source of iron, is also eliminated from the diet although white meat, eggs, whole grains, & leafy greens contain iron, that iron is relatively low than compared to iron in the red meat. Susie also said that a lack of iron levels is pretty typical for women. Seafood, including fish & shellfish, is very good for health. It is a rich source of protein, its rich in nutrients & low in calories, the two essential nutrients you miss out if you avoid fish are omega-three fats & zinc. The fish, which are oily such as fresh tuna, salmon & sardines are one of the very few of a kind where omega three is found, while mussels, oysters & shellfish are rich sources of zinc. Zinc is a vital nutrient for immune function, production of hormone &good skin, lack of zinc can produce acne or weaken the immune system.

White meat, which includes chicken & turkey, is not a rich source of nutrients as compared to the red meat, but it has significant sources of vitamin B6, selenium protein & vitamin B12, which is needed by the body to function. Selenium is an essential mineral & low levels of it can cause muscle weakness, hair loss, infertility, & mental fog. If the vitamin B6 is low, anemia will be caused. Eggs come under the dairy category, and Burrel revealed that removing them from your diet has such an effect that they are earnest of their own section. Eggs are very nutritious food having more than 30 essential vitamins and minerals, which include quality protein, good fats & vitamins A and E. selenium, which is an excellent antioxidant that plays a crucial role in cell health and is present in eggs.

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