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David Knight  – Sr. Editor   +44 121 683 7583

David has been a tech enthusiast since his childhood, checking out computers and video games whatsoever. When it came to choosing a profession, he became a full-time tech writer. Having done worthy publications in international media, he’s the go-to person at Talk Observer for noteworthy reports on tech and a clear perspective on the same.

James Richard  – Editor +44 121 683 7583

James has a medical background, thanks to his times at an NGO. He is the core pillar of Talk Observer when it comes to medical correspondents. He makes sure that the articles are up to the mark and they are often praised for the sheer use of language and the clarity. As a person, James is chilled out and you can spot him with a glass of beer often.

Chris Rader  Author   +44 121 683 7583

Chris is someone who loves to be called a science freak. From checking out those sci-fi comic books at his childhood to following Neil deGrasse Tyson, he has come a long way. Chris also keeps a close watch on the business-related news and world economy. So, when it comes to covering science and business at Talk Observer, Chris is our best choice.