Astronaut Jessica Meir scheduled to launch on 25th September

Science Technology

NASA astronaut, Jessica Meir from Caribou is scheduled to launch on 25th September for a space station. In total Jessica will spend six months in a space station which orbits 220 miles above the earth. She will conduct a variety of experiments in the space station which would include the effect of gravity on the human body, the impact of radiation on the human body, etc. Also, she would have to do some maintenance work of the space station, where she would be able to go on a spacewalk to.

Meir has tried earlier three times for this extensive astronaut program, but also in 2013, she was among the eight chosen people from 6000 other applicants. At that same time, she was working with Harvard as an assistant professor. From the past six years, she has been getting training for learning skills which is from cleaning the toilet in space to wearing the astronaut spacesuit which is 400 pounds to walk in space. In a recent interview, Meir said that she was very much proud and it’s like a dream come true for her. But she also said that she had worked very hard to reach where she is today. For the period of eight days, there will be nine astronauts in the space out of which three would return back to earth and the rest six would stay in for a time period of six months. The crew members included in this mission would be NASA astronauts Nick Hauge, Christian Koch, Andrew Morgan. Among others were Oleg Skripochka, Rosscosmos and Hazza Ali Almansori of UAE.

For Meir, this a childhood dream come true for her. She always fantasized about nature and clear sky and hence she chose this career. By the time she was in high school she was very well aware of her dream and what she wanted to do in the future. Not only she utilized her knowledge and intelligence in aerospace dynamics, but she was a great soccer kid in school and also a great musician where she played flute and saxophone. In this particularly experiment she would be both subject and the operator. After so much of training Meir, is finally ready to go and is confident for the same. While going she would take some home memories which would include the Maine flag.