About Us

Talk Observer is a news website that covers recent updates from sectors like Technology, Science, Health and Business. That having said, we are also a group of journalists who want to make a difference when it comes to finding, reporting and publishing news content on the web. We are that group of people who demand all sorts of authenticity when it comes to finding the proper source for every piece of a news article. We are also the group of people who don’t publish click-bait articles for the sake of more visits or luring people into some articles. We are something else, which wants to re-invent how web news works.

At Talk Observer, we are committed to building a news reporting and news writing culture that makes enough sense in the long run. We understand that Talk Observer may not receive millions or billions of views in the first few months or years. But, what matters to us is, that however small we earn, there should be an unparalleled satisfaction of keeping the basic ethics of journalism and writing. We don’t want to mislead our users just for the sake of advertisements or the number of time you spend on the website. Instead, what we expect is the blend of all good things.

But, all these would not be possible without the awesome editorial and reporting team we have. While one team tries to find news reports that matter to the readership community, there is another team just for the cross-checking process and other reliability checks. And, the powerful writing and editing team brings a lot of effort to craft news reports that have a perspective. We also encourage all sorts of interaction in the site and we believe that comments are what make news something important. At the end of the day, we want you to be confident enough to trust what you read at Talk Observer.