new claim against uber is usual to test its categorizing of workers

New Claim Against Uber Is Usual to Test Its Categorizing of Workers

On Wednesday Uber insisted not have to reclassify their drivers as drivers despite a newly approved California bill that would look to need just that. Times later, the ride-hailing company educated it would rapidly get a chance to examination their quarrel in court. A longtime legal rival filed a class-action suit on behalf of drivers in California in federal court on Wednesday. And, condemning Uber of incorrectly categorizing drivers below the sRead More


men with breast cancer have higher mortality rate than women

Men With Breast Cancer Have Higher Mortality Rate Than Women

Men often tend to overlook a lump on their chest, but it can be as serious as breast cancer. The University of Texas MD Anderson cancer center has recently come out with a report that men with such conditions can be the victim of breast cancer, which is critical to detect in the early stage. Men havRead More

A Study states that Left-handedness is linked with the Individual’s Genes

A Study states that Left-handedness is linked with the Individual’s Genes

Scientist and researchers have found the genetic variances for the first time related to left-handedness. They found this characteristic in about ten percent of the human population. The left-handedness comes with the variation in genetic, which resulted in brain structure difference. The study showRead More